Volunteer to Grow Your Business

“You deserve a break. Get out of the office. Go meet new people!”

No, we’re not telling you to slack on your work. We’re telling you how to grow your business!

Volunteering isn’t just another thing you have to add to your (already) busy day. It’s an opportunity to connect, inspire, learn, and grow. Allowing your employees to get out into the community educates them about local needs and resources, while providing a chance to promote your company mission and vision.

Caryn Stadther, U S Bank, Top Hatter at the 2018 Star Celebration, where we celebrate our amazing volunteer committee leaders!

Why don’t people volunteer?

The most common reason people give for not volunteering is the lack of time. When time is built into the work day, employees are able to feel better about themselves and their jobs, knowing they are making an impact in their community.

Read more reasons people don’t volunteer, and what you can do to change this.

The Chamber is here to grow your business. One of the ways we do this is by providing a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that fit all schedules and company and personal agendas.

Are you interested in…

Providing personal and professional development training for employees? Look into the Business Development Council.

Influencing change at the government level that will improve the laws and political impact on your company? Look into the Government Affairs Committee.

Celebrating other hardworking volunteers and inspiring collaboration among St. Cloud businesses? Consider joining the Star Celebration Committee.

Developing yourself as a young professional leader? Attend a NEXT – Emerging Leaders meeting.

Growing the Central Minnesota agricultural industry? Learn more about the Farm Show Committee.

Being outdoors and honing your golf skills? Help with the annual Chamber Open in August.

And we don’t stop there.

To learn about all the ways your can volunteer with the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, stop by our office, give us a call, or check out our volunteer website page! We look forward to meeting you, and helping you find your perfect volunteer opportunity!

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