Connecting Your Company Name With The Community

Whether your company is new in town, or has finally grown to the point you can afford to give back, being known as a community supporter is a sure-fire way to boost your company name.

Finding ways to improve the community you live in…

  1. Improves employee moral
  2. Shows potential customers that you are invested in their best interests
  3. Proves loyalty to your town
  4. Opens the door to new partnerships and audiences

Too often, we miss one of the most important selling points: Customers want to buy into your “Why?”

WHY do you do what you do.

WHY do you do it where you do it.

WHY should anyone else care.

Discuss what your company “Why?” is with your employees, and choose something that everyone can get behind. Once this statement is in place, it’s time to let the whole town know WHY you’re open for business, and WHY they should step in your doors.

Ways to strengthen your company-community roots…

  1. Allow your employees to take work time to volunteer.
  2. Sponsor local events, fundraisers, initiatives, and projects that align with your company mission.
  3. Support other local companies through social media.
  4. Encourage your employees to share pieces of their lives and activities outside of work on social media, and tag local brands.
  5. Ask your employees (their friends and families) what gaps they see in the community. Then, create an event or start an initiative to fill that gap.

How do you encourage business-community partnerships with your company and employees?

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