2020 Vision(aries)

Don't feel bad if you're happy 2019 has come to a close. You're not alone! For me, 2020 isn't about 'resolutions' but creating a new vision of my life. I have four words that outline my goals for this new decade: Intention, openness, experience, and bond. Read on to learn more!

SMILE! It’s a culture.

"As I wandered through the plastic booth tents and around the mud puddles, I was struck over and over by the same unusual interaction - everyone I made eye contact with not only returned my gaze, but SMILED at me." - personal experience, written by Kelti Lorence, after St. Cloud Pride Weekend 2019

The Secret Sauce – Engage Your Employees

Do your employees think like an owner? If so, most likely they are engaged in their work. Simply put, engagement is a measure of how frequently employees think and consciously reflect on their actions and performance and how those actions affect the organization. Employees who think like owners are more engaged, more likely to do …

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The Real Fear is Loss

We all know that people fear change...or do they? Read on to find out how you can help encourage the next generation of business professionals to embrace change with enthusiasm. Original article contributed by Greg Vandal, Vox Liberi. Related Event: 2019 Unite for Success High School Summer Internship Program